WinniPagans – Now Available on DVD

for blogDVDs are now available for The WinniPagans!


The WinniPagans provides an intimate look at a diverse pagan community thriving in the heart of the prairies. In the last half of the 1980s a distinct brand of prairie paganism sprouted forth in the middle of nowhere – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, smack in the centre of North America. The small group of pagans banded together and held open circles, initiated the annual tradition of celebrating the spring seasonal festival of Beltane in a public park and then published a magazine called, ‘The Minstrel’. The WinniPagans, is the story of the growth and the spirit of the community and a look at some of the individuals who made it come alive. The film features the poetry of Kate Bitney and the haunting panpipe music of Glen Hoban. Commissioned by provincial cable television provider MTS Allstream for their ‘Stories From Home’ Video on Demand service.

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Harry Poster -lo res

Harry Paine: Cooking the Revolution



Meet Harry Paine, Winnipeg’s elder statesman of social justice, gourmet food and folk music. In honour of his 80th birthday Harry looks back and shares his recipe for life.  Arriving as an immigrant to Canada at the tender age of 17, Harry first made Toronto home. Here he cut his teeth in the world of political activism and protest. Harry then embarked on a life long journey of fighting for social justice, organizing the working class and mastering the art of feeding people really good food.  These skills were put to the test as he co-founded two Winnipeg institutions: the Winnipeg Folk Festival and the West End Cultural Centre, the project that finally enticed Harry to move to Winnipeg permanently.  What does the revolutionary do when he turns 80? He rides his bike and continues to make the world a better place.  Cooking the Revolution pays tribute to a passionate and humble guy with the wit and wisdom to tell his own story well.
See Harry on CTV News speaking about Cooking the Revolution and more HERE


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